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I have watched with keen interest the brouhaha generated by the call for secession by the “Biafran people”.
Some days back, I saw a picture of some South Sudanese eating grass as food (I do not have empirical evidence whether it is true or not). One thing immediately struck me. Some years back, when the agitation for the creation of South Sudan was at the peak, we all thought that by now, South Sudan will be in a state of “oyunua”(wonderment), especially because of the abundance of oil. Alas, we all know the true story. No sooner had they achieved independence that they remembered that they were not only South Sudanese but belong to diverse tribes. Today, the newest African country is involved in a state of “wadoghe” and “filaga filogo”(apologies to Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon).
Today, all the promises the nascent nation once held are no longer there. There is…

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