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To my Son, my Firstborn – Toyeosa Alegbemwenhosa Omoruyi


I have a huge smile on my face as I write this. You are obviously too young to read this but I am sure somewhere in there, you understand the feeling this conveys.

4:41am on the 13th of August, 2015 marked the end of a journey and the beginning of another that is filled with so much promise. The moment I heard your first cry cannot be explained (I guess everyone who has shared this experience can relate), and when I held you in my arms, the love was INSTANT. I was overwhelmed (as I still am whenever I think about it) and I knew at that moment that I have found one of the answers to the question, What’s life about (some of you will remember this phrase.) The nurse asked me to hand you over and I went “Why?” with a fierce look. I can only imagine how she must have laughed on the inside when she said it was to take your measurements – weight and height.

I loved you before you were born and watching you grow each day is rewarding. I have figured right away that it will be easier to spoil you than to be firm with you but be rest assured, you will not be a spoilt child. While I will ensure I do all in my power to provide for you, I will not hesitate to withhold anything from you and to set you straight. I am old school, and a strong believer in spare the rod and spoil the children – I interpret that passage literally.

You are my first born and my heir so great responsibilities have been thrust upon you. Better be ready to hear that drummed into your ear at the slightest opportunity. Note that it will be my pleasure of holding your hand and guiding you through your life’s experiences to enable you fulfil that potential. You will live up to the billing, some people are born great. Toyeosa, you have been born great.

So you are a month old today!!! Can you believe that? I will love to know what your experience has been like, other than the sleeping, eating, farting, pooping, crying and other baby stuff. I believe you are having an exciting time, do enjoy this phase because as you grow so the expectations from you multiply but don’t worry, Daddy and Mummy are here for you.

I will not end this without talking about your Mummy. Trust me, she is your greatest ally – I can tell you that for free. You had better respect her and accept that she is always right, well at least 90% of the time but you cannot tell her that. She did not carry you in her womb and endure all sorts of discomfort from conception to labour and delivery to have you act otherwise. My respect for her (and all women) increased tremendously in the last months and especially at your delivery…yes, I was right there beside her. I won’t be upset if you shower her with more affections than you do me, she totally deserves it.

On my part, I promise to be a great dad and a role model. Being a husband to Mummy is totally different from being a Daddy – 2 equally important and intertwined roles but I intend to keep to my end of the bargain. The only standard I can hold you up to is the one I will set, so as you can see, it is a 2 way street.

May the meaning of your names burst forth as you embark on the journey of life – Toyeosa (Pleasing to GOD) Alegbemwenhosa (Through me the world will know GOD). I love you Son…my pride & my joy #MyChamp #MummysLove #DaddysLilTiger


I named you Toyeosa (the ‘e’ is silent) while your Mummy named you Alegbemwenhosa…just so you’d know who is responsible for the 14 letter name.


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