This American Life


A Write-up by Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo

If you haven’t already seen this on the web and read it, you should do so now. It is quite literally one of the most awesome and stark depictions of reality I’ve ever read.


You come to America, young and dashing, on full scholarship, finish school, get a great job, marry a glamorous spouse, have cute children, and retire at a young age with a great pension, portfolio and posture.

…And live happily ever after.

Yes champ; rub it in.

For the rest of you, life abroad is a crest of trajectories.

You come into America, by air, by sea, or via a midnight sneak-in across the Mexican border; fooling the Minute Men and Lou Dobbs all at once. You come to school, to join your spouse, to work after winning the Green Card Lottery, or to raise your hand at the airport…

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