Caerdydd Memories.

Been bored over the last few days, so decided to carry out my frustration on this blog, and as it is my property, it has no choice but to listen to my nagging. Speaking about nagging…that will be a topic for another day. This moment is for my Caerdydd memories – for those who do not know, Caerdydd is Welsh for Cardiff; the city I spent the greater part of 2012 in.

I remember vividly my journey out of Nigeria on the 2nd of October, 2011 & arriving at Heathrow to warm sun…little did I know that I got in at the end of the Indian Summer. It was with a bit of shock to realise that at 3pm the next day (oh yes, I remember the time), it suddenly went cold; luckily I had my jacket so that helped a bit.

School was radically different from what I knew – the mode of lectures (especially as it was a masters class), the accent of the lecturers, the smoke breaks, etc all took a while to adjust to. Bob Lee was such a great lecturer that I switched modules in second semester to his course & even my project topic to ensure he was my supervisor. As for David Glass & Gavin Hocoom, no comments.Then I was faced with culture shock. I did not know anyone in Cardiff before going and I had intended to make new friends but it was crazy over there. I must admit I got a bit homesick.

Getting to discover places & meet new people was interesting. Ada, Jojo & Yetco on the first day, then Niyi & slowly met other people & had such a lovely time with them – Afolasade, Gbemi, Seyi, Sally were my strong home buddies then my foreign contingent – Aditee, Gervorg, Sam, Alexia, Sharmin, Jaydeep, Daljit, Chimba, to mention a few. My walks to the City Centre especially when Folasade & Ada conspired to drag me shopping was just too crazy especially as I went with them each time they demanded (not asked); this has strengthened my resolve (I hope) not to go shopping with women again.

Hmmm, my flatmates – Eason, Chen, Pranav & R. John, 2 Chinese & 2 Indians respectively were something else. To say they were just a bunch of filthy guys is being generous. That said, they were pretty accommodating when I had my Naija people in my flat on several occasions for parties & boy, we were really loud.

My trips to London & Nottingham were the bomb!!! All my waka, visiting places of interest & ‘uninterest’, getting to see friends that became family…cannot adequately describe my trips. Then of course, my Swansea trip with my foreign legion. – loads of pictures from Mumbles  & most, especially, my Old Trafford experience for the match against Fulham. Now, that was worth missing my Monday lectures for, given the chance I’d do it all over again.

All done & dusted, bags packed up & headed back home. My experience was definitely worth it…not the books but those things you can never pick up no matter how much you read.

I started this post on the 16th of September, 2012 & kinda forgot about it. Getting ready for graduation in Cardiff revived it.

Dedicated to all those who made my stay in Caerdydd & UK memorable – family, friends that are more than family, & friends.


6 thoughts on “Caerdydd Memories.

  1. V. O. Munis

    Ahhhhh, i didnt get a mention for monitoring your wandering ass from 3,000 miles away and making sure you averted a banking crisis. smh

    1. cocosgist Post author

      How could I forget that? I’m sure HMS would have been after me by now to collect their debts.
      Thanks bro…& you’re in the second category in my dedication.

  2. Annie

    Wow, Cardiff sure did a number on you! Don’t worry I’ll marry a Welsh wife for you. Looooool.

    Speaking of graduation, you don get dates & teengs? Make man dem start to book days off & etcetera etcetera…!


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