Reading, Spellings or lack of them.

It’s been a while, actually it has been about 2 months. This blogging is pretty difficult, so thumbs up to those who do this consistently.
I started this topic a few weeks ago but for some reason (I suspect my failings), the entire post was lost, so I’m constrained to start afresh.
It amazes me, & some of you I believe, regarding the shocking spellings witnessed daily…newspapers, internet, television, etc.
Growing up I was made to read many books & this, I believe, aided my spelling. Going on the internet, especially, saddens & angers me when I see what people churn out…most times I get so upset that I do not bother commenting. Popular mistakes include, but are not limited to the following – am instead of I’m, been & being, wierd & weird, were & where, this & these, die & dye, sight & site.
Aside from the lack of reading, another contributing factor to the demise of spelling skills witnessed is the use of ‘shorthand’ language. The advent of 140 characters for the SMS has helped in no small measure to destroy our spelling abilities.
In a bid to minimise the amount of money spent sending texts, there’s the tendency to cramp the message within the character limit giving rise to abbreviations. That in itself is not bad but the danger lies in the use or misuse.
In fora where such ‘language’, for lack of a better word, ought not to rear its head you find them. I won’t go into specific places where they assault us as I’m sure we can identify them.
It is disheartening that the trend applies to graduates who ought to know better but alas…
I fear that at this rate the next generation are in so much trouble as the level of spelling shall deteriorate even further…what do you expect if the teacher doesn’t know how to spell?
I advocate a return to reading & by reading, I mean everything in sight viz, dictionaries, recommended textbooks, newspapers, novels, Bibles, Qurans, billboards, anything that contains the English language.
It is inexcusable to have someone write β€œI want to die my hair.”
Also, the use of SMS language should not be encouraged. I cannot send a text message to my boss & abbreviate the words, I should be queried & made to desist from such behaviour. In the same vein, I won’t tolerate it if my nieces, nephews & subordinates write to me in such a manner.
I have written more than I intended. Thankfully, the 140 character limit doesn’t apply here.
What do you think?

32 thoughts on “Reading, Spellings or lack of them.

  1. okhae

    “I want to die my hair”!!!! LMAO!!!! I totally concur! I mean,the minute I see an inexcusable (in my opinion) grammatical error,like ‘am’ instead of ‘I’m’,I just lose interest in whatever it is. Thumbs up!

  2. Claire

    Great write-up Coco! U r so right! It’s really alarming the way everyone uses abbreviated words in text messages, BBmessages and on other social media (though I must admit that I am also guilty of that!!!). Reading anything that contains the English language might be helpful and issuing a query to staff who use such abbreviations can act as deterrence but if truth be told, the key to avoiding the use of abbreviated words/shorthand when drafting official documents or writing exams, is for one to be extremely conscious of his/her writing and spell out words fully (like ‘thought’ instead of ‘thot’).

  3. Isitor

    I rememba sendn an email 2 my Dad & writin in sms language, I can’t 4get his reply.
    Com 2 thnk of it, as lng as u gt d message… Y bother. Dnt mind that… I feel 4 myslf.. Its typical to write in such manner, easy & quick. πŸ˜€

  4. Gbemmy

    Lmao…come to think of it even “Lmao” is not English. hahaha has been replaced with LOL. Nice write up. You can’t imagine how I hate to see being when it should be been. Again other than the word count, touch screen phones don’t help matters either. πŸ™‚

  5. saymalcolm

    A very alarming issue you’ve raised here. I see it everyday on facebook, twitter, popular blogs and even some online news media. It hardly surprises me though. People don’t read any more as you rightly pointed out and this 140 character limit with text messages isn’t helping.

    Nice post bro. Hope lots of people get to read this.

  6. bekezed

    Life haf spoil o jare
    I doubt if they do ‘Dictation’ where one is made to spell words and it often isn’t planned. It was when I got to the university I heard of ‘chukuli’. Don’t get me wrong, I knew allowing someone ‘spy’ your work made you lose marks and earned you derision amongst classmates plus my mum was a teacher so you had no business failing English or misspelling words.
    The reading habit has died and the phase when parents hired people to write their children/wards exams has just plunged that habit 17 feet west.
    It takes a conscious effort and we can help our children by encouraging them to write us letters and correct them

  7. Senaya Frances

    Hello Coco, you are right. Although it’s going to be very difficult, people should try to cultivate the good spelling habit. It should be noted however, that few people type in shorthand because they have not choice. Imagine being in a state of emergency, the fastest to get a message accross is to type in shorthand. Thank you. P.s keep up the blogging spirit!!!

    1. cocosgist Post author

      I don’t think the shorthand saves time. I just think it is a lazy way of writing that people are used to & fail to adhere to the rules of usage.
      Thanks & I’d try to write on more topics.

  8. Isitor

    Ok, now it looks like some are blaming the 140 character option on text.. I suppose its 160 (on my phone).
    Nevertheless… Why would you want to send a message via SMS (short message system) and write a book ? Be concise. If you need more than 140/160, you have the option of a second page & want to save N5-N15,when in most cases its free or better still send an email. Mind you, if your message goes beyond 2 pages its no longer an SMS.
    “So pls dnt blame it on d xter space provided”

  9. Lucky

    We are in Africa. English language is not our mother tongue. Provided there is communication and the message is passed across and clearly so, errors in spellings and abrevations should be pardoned. No one can boast of mastery of this borrowed language “English”. All the same, Coco has done some good work. Thumb up for you!

    1. cocosgist Post author

      English is not our mother tongue is such a lazy excuse. Why were we taught English otherwise? How many of us speak our mother tongue or write in it?
      Another excuse is the ‘so long as you understand’ line. There are so many abbreviations now that you do not even know what to make out of them. How can WULLNP be Wish You Long Life And Prosperity? Shouldn’t that be WYLLAP instead? That’s just one example of many useless abbreviations that you can’t understand.
      Trust me, when you see certain write-ups, you lose interest in the message & simply won’t understand what the person’s trying to say in the others.
      We were taught English in school, let’s practise what we were taught.

      Thanks for the compliment.

      1. Lucky

        Coco, I am happy you said ” we were thought English” If you were thought, then you cannot possibly know it more than your teacher.If your write-up above is subjected to a thorough scrutiny according to the strict rules of English language, you will realise that there is one or two errors, omissions or mistakes. For official letters, yes, I may agree with you on the need to be more thorough, careful and avoid abbrevations. But for informal letters and write-ups, for Heavens sake, we cannot be more holy than the Pope. If I send WULLNP to you and you understand the meaning to be ” Wish You Long Life And Prosperity”, what then is your stress. What is the different between WULLNP and WYLLAP? Lets drop the periphery and pursue the substance. And for your information, I can write a letter of any length, including textbook in my mother tongue. I rest my case sir.

      2. cocosgist Post author

        You have ‘cut’ my drift and I am glad.
        I am not being holier than the pope but I drew that comparison when you said English isn’t our mother tongue. But what is it with the mad and silly abbreviations? In my opinion, it is very unhealthy.
        I write fairly well in my language, thankfully.
        Of course, you will find errors in my work but they should be quite minute. πŸ˜€

        Thanks for the engagement.

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