I’m new at this, so…

This is in response to those who feel they shouldn’t be criticised or should be criticised in a particular manner.

You cannot be a blogger/writer, publish your posts and expect to be critiqued in a particular manner…why publish them? The minute they get fed to the public, it becomes a no-holds-barred contest. If you do not want criticisms, DO NOT publish your posts…sit in a corner and read them to yourself.

The intolerance (for lack of a better word to use) to criticisms is one of the problems we have today. That is why a sitting president can accuse people of criticising him unfairly. A public officer expecting to be criticised in a fair manner? When did criticisms become fair?

I thought the essence of criticism was to help improve one’s self or did I lose that somewhere along the line? The old adage says, “You cannot eat your cake and have it.” Enough said.

I do not know what topics I will be blogging about, so whenever you see anything, kindly read, make your comments (if any) – positive or negative and move on till the next one.

Have a fabulous weekend.



Stole the ‘Coco’ from a blogger who goes ‘Malcolm’ at the end of his blogs.


11 thoughts on “Criticism.

  1. Annie


    Everyone is entitled 2 their own opinions…& expectations 2. The president should be assessed on his performance & whether he sees that as ‘unfair criticism’ or not is immaterial. But he is ENTITLED 2 FEEL AGGRIEVED if he chooses 2.
    & so is anyone else who interacts with other humans.

    P.s. – even U could have done a whole lot better with this…instead of sounding like a petulant child whose toys got taken from him. *smh*
    Welcome aboard.

      1. Annie

        Just the post script then eh? 😀 How am I only just realising how funny u are??! U should really consider comedy. U’re a riot! Looooool!!!

  2. saymalcolm

    LMAO! Did you have to mention me you this yeye boy? Do I actually do that on all my posts?! Never really noticed till you mentioned it one time though. Lol

    On your topic, of course the moment a blog post is put in public domain, it becomes subject to critique from all quarters. However, there are two types of critiques; constructive and destructive. Some people are so unreasonable and immature that they go personal to attack the writer rather than the point of view. It may have the effect of destroying a budding talent especially when such attacks are in public. I’m sure wordpress and other blog sites realize it that’s why they give the writer the option of approving or not approving such comments.

    Welcome to blogging bro. I hope it gives you the satisfaction it gives me.

    Looking forward to more write ups from you.

    1. cocosgist Post author

      The only point I’ll raise is as regards the approval of posts. Whether or not the blogger approves doesn’t really matter. The only effect is to stop others from viewing it as the blogger has to read it before approving.
      It is up to the blogger at that point to try to ignore the barbs at him and accept or reject it.

  3. xavierjedi

    So you’ve joined the Illuminati huh?

    On this path of enlightenment may your steps never falter, may your actions bring you fulfilment.


  4. Melbin

    your first post revealed that you are a good talkative, well, I like talkatives but I dont talk too much. Seriously… So, when I read your blog and I dont know what to comment, I click like


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