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I’m new at this, so…

This is in response to those who feel they shouldn’t be criticised or should be criticised in a particular manner.

You cannot be a blogger/writer, publish your posts and expect to be critiqued in a particular manner…why publish them? The minute they get fed to the public, it becomes a no-holds-barred contest. If you do not want criticisms, DO NOT publish your posts…sit in a corner and read them to yourself.

The intolerance (for lack of a better word to use) to criticisms is one of the problems we have today. That is why a sitting president can accuse people of criticising him unfairly. A public officer expecting to be criticised in a fair manner? When did criticisms become fair?

I thought the essence of criticism was to help improve one’s self or did I lose that somewhere along the line? The old adage says, “You cannot eat your cake and have it.” Enough said.

I do not know what topics I will be blogging about, so whenever you see anything, kindly read, make your comments (if any) – positive or negative and move on till the next one.

Have a fabulous weekend.



Stole the ‘Coco’ from a blogger who goes ‘Malcolm’ at the end of his blogs.